About Nigia

Nigia-Stephens-with-baby-alligator-editedNigia is an artist, event promoter and poet.

She is an artist and writer. She has performed her prose and short stories around the New York City area since 1989. In that time, she published with small press in the East Village and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Nigia has explored writing Alternative Fiction and Fantasy for the past several years.

A Time of Blood and Fire is her first published novel.


  1. Congratulations on your books and all your work.

  2. Joseph Vitaliano Jr.

    Bravo, Nigia! I just purchased your books on Amazon and look forward to your next work! Much love…

  3. Jerry Hall(Jerome) *Boo.

    Your a hard one to find…

    Very happy to see you’re still as talented as you are beautiful.
    Say Hey if you choose to.

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