Blade Runner 2049, A quick review.

I liked it very much, it’s haunting but not nearly as strangely beautiful as the original. Though the very first half hour, the set up feels on point, it’s more like a respectful homage to the first movie and not a solid continuation of the story. It lacks the vitality, the pulse, of the first except when charming Anna De Armas plays Joi, or of course, when Harrison Ford steps in.

With Ford, it’s as if he’s held back from taking the lead even at his advance age from Ryan Gosling. How I’d love to see a different script where the roles are reversed and Ford is allowed to push his max to the end.
The old characters like Pris and Betty were far more visceral.

The women roles in this version are great, all of them. Yet, just when the movie gets to some deeper natural moments where more depth could be inserted into the sorta thin storyline, it shies away from it.

Don’t expect the music to wow you, its reduced to accenting the imagery. I don’t feel it’s something to be enjoyed on its own at all, sadly.

Still, all is no where near lost. There are shocking and breath taking moments that have more to do with the acting and grit than the massive, bleak scenery.

I’ll see it again, it is rare for me to like 3D but it’s a MUST for this. It’s perfect for the medium, nothing stupid jumps out at you for effect.
So see it, say twice, and let’s talk about it.

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