The Journey Of Art And Writing

So… I’ve been working on art today. We stayed local. The journey of my art combined with “Blood Sutra”, the story I’m writing, has taken me on a wild inner ride. In lectures, books and on line research, I’ve touched on the spiritual history of Tibet, India, and old Japan. America is the modern thread in the skein now via Hawaii and California. I’m feeling blissed out by it all. I’ve just went looking for old 1700 – 1900 styled Kimonos and outerware to finish my newest drawing. It brought me of all places, to a link of The Metropolitan Museum in my home city NYC. I made it home. This is why one must follow the path of their art. There is such a comfort in it no matter if it all falls apart in the end and the work is not successful. I get stuck on the desire for money and an easy life but believe me, the “WOW” is the quiet journey.

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